GenCon Highlight Reel

We just got back from GenCon which was such a blast! We had an amazing time getting to meet and hang out with our fellow podcasts, as well as play some amazing games.

Thursday started off with a fantastic intro to DMing panel with Mike from The RPG Academy, Victoria from The Broadswords, and Shane from Total Party Thrill podcast. They shared so many amazing nuggets of wisdom that we’re going to be bringing to our own table. From there we wandered around the exhibit hall, played some games, drooled over all the pretty dice, and enjoyed some good food. That evening we made our way to the Improv for Advanced Role Playing event held by The Dungeon Rats podcast. They were absolutely fantastic. They shared some great advice and played some of Tiffany’s favorite improv games.

Friday included a lot more exhibit hall fun. The hall is so giant that we totally needed multiple days to make it through. This time we stopped and said hi to our friends at Dog Might. They have some amazing pieces that you should for sure check out, plus they’re great people. That night we saw the Hello From The Magic Tavern show that we was bookended with great food and drinks with our fellow podcasters. The show was absolutely fantastic. Victoria from The Broadswords was the guest sponsor for the show and she absolutely nailed it.

Saturday we hand the pleasure of meeting James SA Corey and getting our Expanse books signed. They were absolutely fantastic and so nice. It was really nice to get to talk with an admired author about how the human story is the most interesting story no matter the setting. We also made sure to witness Cardhalla before it got destroyed by coins for charity. It’s always amazing to see all the card towers that get built all weekend. We also snuck in a really fun and silly DnD one shot with friends. It’s always great when you decide to roll up characters on the spot and pick classes not suited to your stats. That’s how characters like Bobby No Good are born.

Sunday saw us back at the airport and on the way home. We were so tired but also our hearts were full of fun times and tons of laughter. We couldn’t be prouder or happier to be a part of this amazing community of creators. We are home now and more inspired than ever.

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