Episode 93 [SQ:R] – The Heralds of Doom (feat. Lauren “Oboecrazy” Urban from Dungeon Drunks and Josh Perault from Taking Initiative)

Aloren, Jan, Kwai and Zabi stumble upon ghostly Pinna and fall into a memory-type dreamstate, learning of Aloren’s past and getting a glimpse into the potential for really screwing things up for him (time travel? Amirite!). Then as a reward they find a very powerful and dangerous object just waiting for them in the maw of a cave….

This episode serves as a Podcasts of Waterdeep Episode 10.5, an epilogue to Zabi and Kwai’s Episode 10 escapades and some of the fallout the Xanathar’s downfall causes. 

Also, make sure you stay tuned to the short yet VERY special post credits scene.  Enjoy!

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