A Sneak Peak into Volume 2 of NxNQ

A Sneak Peak into Volume 2 of NxNQ — Change is on the Horizon

The last 10 months have been a wild-ride, and the NxNQ team has enjoyed every minute of it. So before we share some exciting news, we simply want to take a moment and say THANK YOU! We would never have gotten this far without you and all our dedicated listeners. Thank you so much for wanting to share in this story together. In fact, we are so excited about the NxNQ story that we have two new developments we want to share:

First, the cast has decided to rotate GMs every new volume.

What does that mean? Well, you can expect the same awesome group of people fulfilling different roles at our table each volume! David Alvord, you may know him as Pascal, will be the GM for Volume 2 of North by North Quest set to premiere January 3, 2018. Our previous GM, Jason Carlile, will be joining the cast to bring some important new characters (and maybe villains) to life. And don’t worry… Chelsea and Tiffany will be back as Sylo and Val in full boss-babe force.

Second, a new volume can only mean one thing — a new world.

Does this mean no more Locnar? Well, yes, but it also means a new landscape full of challenges, opportunities, and adventure! The new GM, David Alvord, has been hard a work brewing up the next world our adventurers will journey to as Patrons of the Library. David has taken a moment to share some of his thoughts, ideas, and visions on what we can expect:

The world in Volume 2 will be one taking place in a post-apocalyptic setting – many years after an event broke some of the world’s fundamental ecology. While the pre-apocalypse world was highly developed, the apocalypse has resulted in a cascading ecological collapse of certain lifeforces resulting in magic to all but cease to exist.

As with many post-apocalyptic stories, a central theme for this volume will be scarcity. What has the scarcity of resources, magic, sentient life, and pre-event technology led to in this society? How has this led to the extinction of certain races? While the entire world would have different post-apoc ecozones, the localized setting for our adventurers will have a very wild west feel. Think – if you walked into a prospecting gold rush ghost town after the apocalypse.

The Volume 2 world will shift focus away from the larger-than-life heavy metal vibe of Locnar, and transition into more subtle, long-form storytelling. Information is king and puzzles will confront our group. Our party will have to navigate a world where there is no hiding for non-human races, and the impact of certain locals wanting to take advantage of this.

Coming from a story, world, and approach that is completely original (and based off no previously published module), prepare to start having the curtain drawn back to show the larger story our adventurers have fallen into.

Welcome to Volume 2 of North by North Quest.

There is some interesting story on the horizon, and we are so excited continue journeying with you!

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