A Chat Session with David

With only 2 episodes left in the Volume 1 of the NxNQuest podcast, we are excited to announce that Volume 2 planning has begun. The gang sat down to discuss what the future of NxNQuest looks like and how we can continue to focus more on storytelling. But what exactly does that mean?

David Alvord aka Pascal aka @RockIt_Art took some time to share what it means from his perspective, and hopefully alleviates some of your burning questions.

Are we a storytelling podcast? Yes! But don’t be scared by that – what it means is that we (the cast) value the story above all else. That means we play true to how our characters would behave, make choices that are most interesting for the narrative, and focus on what’s fun to listen to!

It also means while we do use D&D as the game mechanic to add entropy & chaos to the story the game play is subsidiary to the story. Story is king, but YES we do play D&D. We roll dice! We use character sheets! It’s a game and games are fun! So why not!?

As we move into Volume 2 we’ll continue to game, but as the story continues the game and mechanics will become secondary. We want more in-character, less crunchy rules-iness.

But David? Are you ever going to win D&D? Well duh, of COURSE I am! No…wait…wrong question. But David, why are there unknown story pieces? Great question! First, something we haven’t really talked about publicly is that we’ve approached this podcast as a long form story. (hubba-wha? Huh?) Basically, our group leaves Locnar in a couple episodes (spoiler), and Volume 2 is the continuation of their story — the next chapter in their saga.

So does this mean there’s an endpoint? Yes. This campaign, like all good things, will one day end on a huge climax with a slow burn payoff. So think of Volume 1 as the end of the first 1/4 of the book. We’re just about to get into the meat of what’s REALLY going down.

That means since we (the characters) don’t know things, then the listeners don’t either! So when you’re wondering things like:

  • What’s the deal with The Library?
  • Who captured our adventurers in Ep. 4, bringing them together?
  • Will Sylo lick EVERY substance ever?

… just know we have a plan. What I’m saying is that there’s SUPPOSED to be gaps in what you know, unanswered questions, and burning curiosities. My response again: all in due time, we promise. Trust us, the stuff we’ve got planned is incredible. We’re thrilled about it, and will continue to strive to put out a fun story we’re proud of.”


Until then, we want to hear your theories, thoughts, and ideas on unanswered questions/story points. Engage us on twitter, start a dialog, send us your conspiracy theories to use in game! YOU can influence the story by emailing us at northbynorthquest@gmail.com

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