The Volume 1 | Prologue Episodes

These episodes are a set of mini-games guest DMed by player Chelsea Steverson. They segue between the Origin Stories and the first landing in Locnar. This mini-adventure takes place in a fever dream of our beloved Sylo. Here we meet new characters, and Sylo’s friends battle to cure her and a town of pirates from Krag’s Curse.

Episode 5 – Prologue – The Lovely and the Bird

After being caught in a treacherous storm our adventurers crash land on the shores of a small island and meet Morbeek and Ponine who are also freshly stranded. The sounds of jaunty tunes lead the group into a small pirate shanty town, Krag’s Cove, where they find out about the local Wheat Bush crop and the delicious “Local Brew”. Only with the help of Mostly-There Malone do our adventurers learn of the dreaded curse left on the pirates of this island by Krag— no one sleeps ever, including the dead. By finding Krag’s grave many questions around his death are revealed including where his gold bones lay and where to find his most prized treasure. After a few hours of digging to recover his remains the sun begins to set, and we see the first sign of the Sleepwalking Dead lead by Sylo.


Episode 6 – Prologue – Of Graves and Ghouls and Zombie Hoards

Sylo is now one of the Sleepwalking Dead, and our adventurers race against the setting of the moon to the top of the waterfall identified by Krag’s ghost to lift the curse and save their friend. Along the way they contend with Stirge, rickety bridges, and an angry Swashbuckling Dwarf aspersion. A leap of faith from the top of the waterfall is required to find Krag’s secret hiding place where his most prized treasure resides — his pirate ship. After contending with a few zombies, Krag’s bones are laid to rest, and Krag’s Cove gets its first peaceful night sleep in over 50 years.

Just when our adventurer’s think they can rest easy, Sylo is ripped from her pirate dream to the sound of a ticking compass and a portal storm. Was it all fake? Do Morbeek and Ponine even exist? Or was this all part of a drunken fever dream?  In a daze, Sylo is grabbed by Val and Pascal as the ACTUAL ship is ripped in half by the portal, and they are delivered to a new world.

Krag’s Cove

Fan Art

A meeting with Mostly-There Malone only happens in the classiest of places.