Episode Breakdown

Volume 1 – Locnar

Episode 5 – Prologue – The Lovely and the Bird

After being caught in a treacherous storm our adventurers crash land on the shores of a small island and meet Morbeek and Ponine who are also freshly stranded. The sounds of jaunty tunes lead the group into a small pirate shanty town, Cragmaw’s Cove, where they find out about the local Wheat Bush crop and the delicious “Local Brew”. Only with the help of Mostly-There Malone do our adventurers learn of the dreaded curse left on the pirates of this island by Cragmaw — no one sleeps ever, including the dead. By finding Cragmaw’s grave many questions around his death are revealed including where his gold bones lay and where to find his most prized treasure. After a few hours of digging to recover his remains the sun begins to set, and we see the first sign of the Sleepwalking Dead lead by Sylo.


Episode 6 – Prologue – Of Graves and Ghouls and Zombie Hoards

Sylo is now one of the Sleepwalking Dead, and our adventurers race against the setting of the moon to the top of the waterfall identified by Cragmaw’s ghost to lift the curse and save their friend. Along the way they contend with Stirge, rickety bridges, and an angry Swashbuckling Dwarf aperision. A leap of faith from the top of the waterfall is required to find Cragmaw’s secret hiding place where his most prized treasure resides — his pirate ship. After contending with a few zombies, Cragmaw’s bones are laid to rest, and Cragmaw’s Cove gets its first peaceful night sleep in over 50 years.

Just when our adventurer’s think they can rest easy, Sylo is ripped from her pirate dream to the sound of a ticking compass and a portal storm. Was it all fake? Do Morbeek and Ponine even exist? Or was this all part of a drunken fever dream?  In a daze, Sylo is grabbed by Val and Pascal as the ACTUAL ship is ripped in half by the portal, and they are delivered to a new world.


Episode 7 – Patrons of the Library

The remaining group members ripped from their boat by a sudden portal-laden storm are thrown into a very large, dimly-lit library. More questions are raised than answers given. After meeting the iron maiden, Edwina, they are informed that going back the way they came isn’t an option. Only through the completion of a special mission as “Patrons of the Library” can they open a new portal and move on. Val, Sylo, and Pascal must now find a missing page from the book, “Doom Chords and Demons: A Reference of the Lords of Hell and the Music that Summons Them”, last checked out by Boomer the Bard (needing to find the song: Requiem for the Gelugon). His whereabouts are unknown, though it is rumored he frequents “The Magic Man” located in Paradise City.  They embark upon a new land, Locnar, only to quickly meet with refugees lead by the injured and ragged knight Valor Bax. After healing a few of the injured locals, they are informed that a giant metal beast lead by 100 knolls are plundering villages and towns leaving nothing by destruction in their wake including their own, Wilsons Rest. The beast is now headed straight for Paradise City, and our adventurers must stop the beast’s war path or risk never locating Boomer, returning the missing page, or finding a way back home.

The Library of Locnar


Episode 8 – The Druidic Exploration of Locnar, or Nine Pink Toads and a Blue Dragon

Traveling through Locnar proves challenging, and our adventurers must contend with Bugbears, Knolls, and lack-luster wildlife as they pass through the rubble of what once was Wilson’s Rest. After a map of the beast’s trajectory to a local watering hole is found, a plan begins to develop around trapping and mounting the beast.  Sylo uses her Druid powers to communicate with local plant life and a fierce snapping turtle, Francisco, in hopes of gaining some additional help in stopping the beast. Just in time to find a hiding place the giant beast crest the ridge, and for the first time our adventurers lay eyes on a monster of metal large enough to stomp a town with a single swipe of its foot. Will hiding be enough when it’s all the adventurers can do to keep from wetting their pants?


Episode 9 – Bu-shimmer

The monster of metal and its gnoll entourage arrive near the watering hole only to be greeted by Sylo’s poisonous saliva shower.  The group demonstrates their ability as stealthy tacticians and mount the beast in secret. They then learn a little something about the gnoll chain of command as Pascal attempts to pose as a Knoll commander. They begin their takeover of the Knoll fortress attached to the beast’s back, and find a treasure hole full of gold and shame.


Episode 10 – The Beast and the Helmet

Onward towards the beast’s head our little band of adventurers go. More Knoll’s show their ugly faces, but quickly find out what it means to get trippy. A trap door is located in a tower near the front shoulders of the beast. Inside is a small room with a knoll wearing a helmet simply staring at the wall. Val and Sylo work together to relieve the Knoll of this helmet. Some serious arcane and constitution checks reveal that the helmet is used to control the beast they are currently standing on. Sylo quickly makes friends with the beast to find out it’s been kidnapped and used against it’s will. Val and Pascal protect the vulnerable Sylo as she mind-melds with the beast from the intense Keira the Strident. A wizard battle ensues and some serious smack is tossed around. After teaching the giant beast a few dance moves, our adventurers are able to free him of the Knoll’s influence and fortress on his back.


Episode 11 – Locnar ASMR by Val

With Keria the Strident gone and the beast released, our journeyers slow down a beat to take in Locnar’s land and lore. Sylo gives the monster of metal a pet name, Mr.Crowley, as they ride. Mr.Crowley takes our adventurers to his home amidst a mysterious rainy valley where they meet Larn of the Wolf Mother Clan who deems them “Riders of the Odonatar”. Now our adventurers play detective to solve the mystery of their missing Sandman. After located their pyramid temple and the secret entrance into their catacombs below some Bullywugs end up harshing Sylo’s buzz. It’s okay because she reminds them why frogs are a snake’s favorite food. Pascal returns to his comfort zone underground and Val dreams of her secret life as a fantasy youtube star.


Episode 12 – Entrance of the Gladiators

The group pushes deeper under the stone temple, encountering a few more bad guys, including zombies, on their trek towards solving the mystery surrounding the Sandman. Val, puddlestomper and skeptic of dead bodies, learns a valuable lesson about pushing on strange walls since in this dungeon they reveal lots of zombies. A few tough battles don’t slow our adventurers down as they find the missing Sandman and an ancient Minotaur. Despite their best efforts the Sandman proves to have been dead long before they arrived, and there are still many unanswered question around the Kopru and their involvement with the extreme weather plaguing the valley.


Episode 13 – A Toast unto Lemmy

The adventurers pussyfoot atop a giant underground sea before moving deeper into the cave where they finally encounter the two Kopru who caused this whole mess. After interrupting their ritual and taking them on in battle, our adventurers prevail and bring a strange bronze plate back to Larn of the Wolf Mother Clan. After melting it down, the strange rainy weather dissipates and Larn must face the reality that the Clans’ Sandman will not return. Larn and the Clans throw a party for The Riders of the Odonatar, introduce them to a new black label liquor, and gift them with a new mount for Mr.Crowley to show their appreciation. After an adorable reunion, Mr.Crowley introduces his wife, Sharon, and informs the adventures that he will escort them to Paradise City.