Zil was left at the steps of the Cloister of Silence as a baby for her safety due to her being the only half elf in likely all of Antilia, the quiet monks of the Cloister took her in and raised her at the behest of her parents. She was taught the Way of the Shadows and often traveled to the marketplace to sell the Cloisters goods every few months. She would play with some of the boys in the market and was particularly fond of one boy said she had pretty eyes. Years past and her training increased, her companions in the monastery aged but because of her half elf nature she remained practically the same. Soon she was told she couldn’t venture into the market anymore, she even started wearing her hood up inside the Cloister ashamed of her heritage. 35 years had passed and a sickness took the elders, taking some of the young pupils with her, she ventured outside for the first time in ages. She smiled at everyone she saw, such new faces, such beautiful sights. She bought medicine and hurried back, not knowing she had been spotted by the same boy, now an old man who stared at her with horror. He was now an old man, beginning to gray and she looked barely twenty, he was studied in the ways of demons and he knew, without a shadow of a doubt that one had wormed its way into the Cloister and was obviously feeding on the elders. It broke his heart that it was one who had not so long ago captured his.

He went to the tavern that evening and spoke his story, it didn’t take much to convince the others, Zil’s recognizable face and her venture to the marketplace that day was already being passed around. The village banded together and attacked the Cloister that night, demanding the demon be brought forth. The elders were incapacitated and plead with Zil to leave through the secret tunnels that were beneath the Cloister, though their bodies were likely to be lost their souls would protect her in this life and the next. Tears in her eyes, she ran smoke billowing from her only home as she left. Half elf on the run, she took her first breath and sobbed miles from marketplace. It would be here that she would meet Kolvar Ironspire, her first and dearest friend. He gave her food and shelter and in return she rescued him from a group of bandits that wanted his head, Though she towered over him, her greatest relief came from him placing his hand on top of head. She revealed every secret to him, her guilt of the death of elders, her half elf heritage. He took it all and accepted her. They were inseparable, staying to the shadows, and keeping a low profile, their adventures took them around the lands of Antilia. She would play the hang drum when the quiet became too overbearing, and take the occasional pool ball when Kolvar would go to a tavern. She has white blonde hair, a splattering of freckles across her face, and very large slightly upslanted brown eyes. She prefers nonviolent methods but when it must be used she refuses to kill.

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