Valen More

Valen More was born to a human mother who abandoned her in the city of Rancor at the age of 5. Rancor was a large city near the coast of a smaller island. Valen lived at the city’s orphanage until she was 10, never settling in. She often would be found wondering the street learning from the beggars and thieves. At the age of 10 she was apprenticed to a blacksmith. She stayed there for 3 years. While there she learned to fight. Sh realized she was a much better fighter than a blacksmith, and she liked the sword play much more. So she left her apprenticeship and got a job on a merchant ship as a hired sword, never looking back. From then on she jumped from job to job, island to island, never staying still for long.

Over the years Valen settles into her own code for how to live her life. She holds her own code above any of the islands laws or morals.

Her code:

  • No job is worth dying for.
  • Unnecessary killing is murder. Killing is needed at times but it should not be done every time or when it’s not needed.
  • Capture or kill but not both. Once she decides if someone should be captured or killed she will stand by that choice and will not alter it.
  • Don’t interfere with another’s job unless that is the job
  • Truth is a weapon and should be wielded as such.
  • Never give up the client though info can be sold as needed.

Valen does not trust easily due to her being abandoned as a child. She has been betrayed by trusted partners over the years which has only hardened her more. It takes her a long time to trust others and even then she hold some of her trust back. It takes years for her to trust completely. Though once her trust is lost it’s lost forever.