Sylo Scibin Sporelit

Sylo Scibin Sporelit hails from an old lineage of druid, gnomes whispered to have lived in the Great Mushroom forest for generations. She’s roughly 102 though she’s lost track of her age having lived in exile as a hermit for the last 60+ years. Sylo was excommunicated from her tribe after pushing an experiment with highly toxic mushrooms too far. Often her greatest downfall, curiosity got the better of her and the goddess of disease and poison, Talona, scorned Sylo’s lack of respect for such nature by leaving her with grey, poisonous skin (similar to that of a mushroom). The elder druids of their tribe could not allow Sylo to say within the village after such disrespect of their traditions and practices.

Sylo was exiled, and took to the woods to live out her life in the comfort of the forest with no limitations on the experiments and concoctions she could create from the poisonous wild. ┬áHaving become board with the local poisonous wildlife and foliage, Sylo has left her hermitage on the quest of locating new and exotic poisons for her collection. Her love of all things toxic and poisonous steams from a place of genuine care and concern for the living. If she can master and understand the poisonous qualities of mother nature then she believes she can better protect creatures from the harmful effects of them. She may seem a little “burned out” from the consistent testing and sampling of her concoctions, but don’t be fooled. She is wise beyond her years.

Grey, porous skin, much like the steam of a mushroom; sweats poisonous spores Long red, dreaded hair worn in a large bun on the top of her head; Looks very much like a mushroom top; smaller mushrooms and wilderness have the tendency to root in her hair and continue to grow; often you don’t know where she stops and nature begins Leather armor w/ a long dark cape made of wool and moss, can be used to wrap around her and hide as a mushroom in the forest brown leather gloves to protect her from touching people Mushroom staff, still living