Meet the Characters

We didn’t want to slow down the start of North by North Quest with a bunch of character backgrounds but we know people like to know them. So we decided to give that to you all here. Now you can know everything and hold it over your friends head!

Half-Orc Fighter

Valen More was born to a human mother who abandoned her in the city of Rancor at the age of 5. Rancor was a large city near the coast of a smaller island. Valen lived at the city’s orphanage until she was 10, never settling in. She often would be found wondering the street learning from the beggars and thieves. At the age of 10 she was apprenticed to a blacksmith. She stayed there for 3 years. While there she learned to fight. Sh realized she was a much better fighter than a blacksmith, and she liked the sword play much more. So she left her apprenticeship and got a job on a merchant ship as a hired sword, never looking back. From then on she jumped from job to job, island to island, never staying still for long.

Over the years Valen settles into her own code for how to live her life. She holds her own code above any of the islands laws or morals.

Her code:

  • No job is worth dying for.
  • Unnecessary killing is murder. Killing is needed at times but it should not be done every time or when it’s not needed.
  • Capture or kill but not both. Once she decides if someone should be captured or killed she will stand by that choice and will not alter it.
  • Don’t interfere with another’s job unless that is the job
  • Truth is a weapon and should be wielded as such.
  • Never give up the client though info can be sold as needed.

Valen does not trust easily due to her being abandoned as a child. She has been betrayed by trusted partners over the years which has only hardened her more. It takes her a long time to trust others and even then she hold some of her trust back. It takes years for her to trust completely. Though once her trust is lost it’s lost forever.

Swamp Gnome Druid

Sylo Scibin Sporelit (named Rosey at birth) hails from an old lineage of druid, gnomes whispered to have lived in the Great swamps for generations. She’s roughly 102 years old though she’s lost track of her age having lived in exile as a hermit for the last 60+ years.

Rosey was excommunicated from her tribe after pushing an experiment with a highly toxic mushrooms too far. This concoction lead her to the realm of Zuggtmoy, the Demon Prince of Fungi, who scored her lack of respect by cursing her with grey, poisonous skin (similar to that of a mushroom) and dubbing her Sylo Scibin Sporelit. Now a servant to Zuggtmoy, Sylo is tasked with nurturing a special mushroom gifted to her by Zuggtmoy before returning back to her swamp planet.

Upon her return her Uncle Jasper and the elder druids of their tribe could not allow Sylo to say within the village after such disrespect of their traditions and practices. Thus, Sylo was exiled, and she took to the woods to care for Zuggtmoy’s gift with no limitations on the experiments and concoctions she can create from the poisonous wild.

After decades of caring for Zuggtmoy’s gift, the tiny mushroom grew to maturity and Sylo was able to puck it from the ground to use as a personal druadic focus staff. Apply named Polypore, Sylo’s living mushroom staff keeps her company in the lonely swamps and provides her only means of friendship.

Sylo’s love of all things toxic and poisonous steams from a place of genuine care and concern for the living. She believes that if she can master and understand the poisonous qualities of mother nature then she can also protect creatures from the harmful effects of them. She may often seem a little “burned out” from the consistent testing and sampling of substances, but don’t be fooled. She is wise beyond her years.

Drow Wizard

After entering into a pact as one of Lolth’s senior wizard’s apprentices, Pa’s “Pascal” Scaltula slowly realized there was a rift between him and the other two apprentices. The rift grew over 20 years until the friends/apprentices’ disdain boiled over into a mighty confrontation. After results Pa’s does not speak of, he immediately left his native elven tribe (before the dust settled) and ventured solo into the underdark to pursue knowledge of magic how he saw fit. Five years into his solitude, he rescued an older bird (somehow found in the underdark) from a mighty spider (a further transgression against his people). For the next 15 years, he traveled and studied w/Archimedes, a nomadic life to keep him far from the other drow.

Pascal went through his “crucible” during the confrontation and subsequent flight into darkness, constantly turning an overly critical eye inward. Many nights’ sleep was lost trying to solve the riddle locked inside a bloodstained letter, sealed with magic, that would help bring peace to his soul. Wary of other magic users and their familiars, Pascal tends to keep a healthy dose of skepticism. Archimedes, the only “friend” Pascal has known since taking apprenticeship of magic, remains the one uplifting constant through his darkest times. He has self-taught himself magic and survival skills through the scav’ing, stealing, or locating information. Pascal has come to rely on himself and Archimedes for years and be very wary of any new travelers he encounters. Solitude, study, and pursuit of answers to personal questions is his preference…