Episode 91 [SQ:R] – Araclockra and the Metrognome (feat. Lauren “Oboecrazy” Urban from Dungeon Drunks and Josh Perault from Taking Initiative)

Aloren and Jan are thrown into an icy cavern, thrust together with two otherworldly travelers who bring news of Pas Scaltula of Waterdeep. They must find their way out of the cavern back home surviving attacks from above and labyrinths from below. This episode serves as a Podcasts of Waterdeep Episode 10.5, an epilogue to […]

Episode 79 [SQ:R] – The Wilderness of Humanoidanity (feat. James Introcaso from the Don’t Split the Pods Network)

Our adventurers emerge from the tunnels below to see Pinna dragged away! They follow the trail and meet Bari Furstep and Jasper played by the fantastic James Introcaso.  Stories are swapped and Bari lays an interesting offer of information regarding their new seared timer tattoos…for a price.