Episode 74 [Volume 3] – Two Stories Collide (feat. Kristin Avery from Sci-Fi2k)

Following the events of Volume 2 in Antilia w/Val, Sylo, Zil, and Kolvar, and Pascal’s journey through the Great Library in Volume 2 Side Quest, the two parallel stories come crashing back together! Revelations are shared between the new party members as they meet an old centaur librarian helping spur them on their way to […]

Episode 73 [Interlude] – A Clue to a Kill (feat. Adal Rifai from Hello From the Magic Tavern)

Happy Thanksgiving! Come celebrate with us by having a dinner party with a heaping helping of MURDER. Don’t be shy – Prosper Treble and his familiar Hawksley (played by special guest Adal Rifai) have really outdone themselves with awkward and unsettling conversations, tense moments, nervous laughter, and questionable decisions all in the spirit of the […]