Episode 24 [Holiday] – Yuleterior Motives

Val, Sylo, and Pascal have left Locnar only to find they didn’t end up where they expected. A twisted winter land with danger everywhere. Sacrifice, death, deception, murderous animals, beautiful nude women, and a strange bardbarian greet our weary, embattled adventurers. It’s time to get festive NxNQ style, so hold on to your mistletoe-wrapped butts […]

Episode 18 [Volume 1] – Riders of the Odonatar on Tour feat. Tiny Chameleon Man in a Box

The gang’s found Boomer! Finally! Now they can get that page, GTFO of Locnar and back to the Library! Right!? Right? Right… Dammit all, Boomer! The adventurers try bluffing their way back into Paradise City, around Paradise City, and once again out from Paradise City which all goes as well as you’d expect. Val insists […]