Episode 12 [Volume 1] – Entrance Of The Gladiators

The group pushes deeper under the stone temple, encountering a few more baddies on their trek towards solving the mystery surrounding the Sandman on their way to Paradise City. Val, puddlestomper and skeptic of dead bodies, takes part in a great PSA about pushing on strange wall seams and the surprises they may hold! Jason […]

Episode 09 [Volume 1] – Bu-shimmer

The monster of metal and its gnoll entourage arrive, greeted by gnomish hospitality. The group demonstrates their ability as stealthy tacticians then learns a little something about the gnoll chain of command. Pascal’s phone etiquette is a mess but he does at least (maybe?) get some useful health advice. Sylo explores! Plus let’s meet wasted […]

Episode 05 – The Lovely and the Bird

Pirates!! Sylo gets drunk (again) and Val feels a special tingle towards the most beautiful dwarven bard you ever did saw. A farmer, a brothel, barkeeps, local brew, a somewhat there mostly dead pirate, and a totally there totally dead pirate king! Archimedes is finally accepted into the big bird brother program. Map of Craig’s […]